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Leasing permits the dairyman to have all the privileges of ownership without a large capital investment. He can benefit immediately from the production of the cows he selects.

The dairyman can expand now to increase his income without waiting three or four years.

Cash requirements often limit the amount a dairyman can pay per cow. With leasing, the quality of the cows determines the lease price. Leasing allows the dairyman to milk high quality cows.

The dairy farmer does not need the usual large down payment required for conventional financing. Springing Acres Inc requires no down payment. The 1st payment is at lease signing.

The lease payments may be a direct deduction from farm income.

The farmer can increase his income with very little additional labor if he has feed and space available for additional cows.

Cows can be acquired when the price is right. The farmer need not wait until funds are available.

Leasing dairy cows provides the dairyman with additional financial leverage to maximize the size and profit of his farm.

The dairyman can gain control of more assets through leasing without jeopardizing his line of credit.

Springing Acres Inc can tailor a lease to fit a particular farm or situation.


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